The Convulsing Establishment

The Convulsing Establishment

The “Talking Club” better known as the United States Senate is losing two Senators, Bob Corker, and Jeff Flake. Both are incredibly bitter that the voters did not see the wisdom in electing an elitist. Now, suffering low voter approval in their home states, Flake and Corker say it’s time to quit because they have hurt feelings. John McCain is another bitter man and a Trump hater who will obstruct at every opportunity.

There will be others, Ben Sasse, Roy Blunt. Roy Blunt, my one time home state senator. I never thought anyone could be rated lower than John Danforth, a former Missouri Senator. I called Danforth the 51% Republican. Roy does even worse at 47% according to Heritage Action. The “Establishment” cannot abide that the voters have chosen to move in a different direction. That move, now translated into a movement, is being led by Donald Trump. Will the “Establishment” retain and maintain a hard-headed selfish desire to enhance their own worth or work for the citizens that elected them? It is doubtful that lesson of the election has soaked into brains.

The same “Establishment.” mentality exists in the House of Representatives. Mike Coffman is Colorado’s contribution. Coffman’s rating of 55% from Heritage Action, is an “F” if you were to put a school letter grade on it. Coffman fits the “Establishment” profile, Congressman for life, not conservative, heavily into identity politics. Coffman flip-flops on issues and is easily leveraged by house leadership. If Coffman is on the Republican ballot in November 2018, he will be beaten.

If the 6th Congressional District is to remain Republican, we must have a new candidate. That candidate is me, Roger Edwards.

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