Is My Elected Representative Accountable to Me?

As an individual, I expect my elected representative to represent “ME.” After all, it’s all about me, me, and me. But what about when my fellow citizens have different views? Should it be about “THEM”? Hardly, it should always be about “ME.”

Therein lays the tension in our Representative form of Government. Ideally, we elect men/women of character to be arbitrators of the conflicting views. That doesn’t seem to have worked out too well. I expect there are as many reasons for failure as there are character flaws in the human condition. What happens when it’s “ME” against “THEM, ” and a third party, “MONEY” is injected?

Money in and of itself is not corrupt. What is corrupt is the love of money and the power it can provide that is the corrupting factor. Career politicians can not long survive without money to support the next campaign cycle. The key word is “Career”. Our system was not envisioned by the founders to be made up of career politicians, it just wasn’t. But time and time again we vote for our incumbent because every other incumbent is corrupt. We hope above all hope our guy/gal will save the day. The cycle of disappointment continues. And so it is with Mike Coffman. It is time to break the cycle for the 6th Congressional District.

In business, if you cheat your suppliers or customers, that business will not long survive. In politics, if you have to mislead, obfuscate and misdirect your constituents, you should not win elections.

When an elected official states, “they want to be the Representative of all citizens,” how is that possible when we know that there may be large segments of a population that disagree with a position?

Registered voters have a stake in our Representative Democracy. It is doubtful that all will agree with specific policies or positions. I pledge that I will respectfully listen to all points of view. No one will be pushed aside because of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. I will listen to your voice if:

  • You are registered to vote.
  • You present a coherent argument in a respectful manner.
  • You do not demean, dishonor or disrespect another group of citizens.

We can all live together and move forward in harmony and economic security when we can disagree, without implying that one side or the other is motivated by hate, prejudice or bigotry.

I pledge to favor issues that promote and defend “Liberty” and “Freedom.” I pledge to support “Capitalism,” choice and a less bureaucratic government.

“Special Interest” groups and large donors have succeeded in moving their agendas forward while ordinary citizens remain marginalized. I hope that citizens of the 6th Congressional District can once again have the issues that directly impact their lives addressed by government.

Join with me to restore your access to government policy that makes a difference to you, the citizen.

My promise is that I would voluntarily term limit myself to two terms (4 years), as the people in my district allow. I view the prospect of representing constituents in Washington as a sacrifice of service, not a means of advancing a career.

Please support this effort!

US Capitol Building at night

US Capitol Building at night

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