Roger Edwards in coat and tie

Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards

Thank you for investing a moment in my website, “inquiring minds want to know.” I live in the 6th Congressional District of Colorado. I am a US citizen and over the age of twenty-five. Those are the constitutional qualification for election to the Congress of the United States. How has that worked out for our Nation?

Beyond the Constitutional requirements, I am a passionate patriot and a Vietnam veteran. I am a parent and a grandparent. I have a serious investment in the future of our country.

I do not have a political pedigree that I can recite to show the levels of incompetence achieved. I do not have a history of breaking my oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” I do not have a history of having two political positions, one private and the other public. I do not have a history of telling people I will vote one way and then do the opposite. I do not have a history of dividing my fellow man into communities. I do not have a history of using identity politics to achieve legislative goals. I do not have a history of wanting to be a career politician.

What I do have is a boiling discontent for how our elected officials use the power of their office to the disadvantage of their constituents. I have a boiling discontent for politicians who speak to voters as though they cannot comprehend the complexity of their job.

Friends, 8-Year Incumbent Mike Coffman has stayed too long. I would desire that he retire, make room for new leadership and cleanse the stain of failure from the 6th Congressional District of the Republican Party. It appears that will not happen.

The main argument against term limits is elections. It is an absolute shame that it takes an ideological shift to remove an incumbent politician. Political partisans view a primary challenge to their incumbent as traitorous, unseemly, bad form, or selfish. But, my campaign is simply exercising We the People’s right to choose its leadership and how long they may serve.

I refuse to accept less of my Congressman than I expect from myself. I refuse to be satisfied with his voting record which earned an “F” on conservative issues as shown by the Heritage Action Scorecard. I refuse to accept the legislative process is to simply “get things done.” Too many bad things have been done, and sold to us as some sort of achievement. We need to do things right, and do the right things.

It is with much thought and self-evaluation that I step forward and offer myself as an alternative Congressman to the 6th Congressional District.

Phone: 720-746-9264