Roger Edwards Announces Committee to Explore Run

Roger Edwards Announces Committee to Explore Run


Edwards Committee
Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards Announces Committee to Explore Run [Highlands Ranch, CO] – Roger Edwards announced that he has set up a committee to “test the waters” as an alternative to Congressman Mike Coffman of the Colorado 6th Congressional District on the Republican ballot.

The 6th Congressional District needs a representative who expresses conservative values that moves all citizens forward. Edwards will evaluate support over the coming months to determine if he will declare as a candidate for the 2018 election cycle.  Edwards has previously written to the Congressman to encourage him to retire with a legacy of admirable service and allow new leadership to come forward. With a campaign fund of over $800,000, and ads running on television it appears the Congressman has no intention of retiring.

“If Mike Coffman is the Republican candidate in 2018, Coffman will lose to the Democrat. Coffman’s heroic military service is countered by his Democratic opponent’s heroic service,” Edwards said. Edwards also criticized Coffman for his low score by Heritage Action for America. Mike Coffman scores 55% in support of a conservative agenda. “Fifty-five percent gets you an ‘F’ in school.  Don’t the citizens of the 6th Congressional District deserve better than an ‘F’ Congressman?” Edwards said.

Campaign spokesman also criticized Coffman for:

  1. His lip service to Repeal and Replace when Coffman voted No on the legislation.
  2. Support for TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
  3. Use of identity politics to divide citizens
  4. Career Congressman
  5. Close ties to establishment Republicans
  6. Grudging support of the President

Roger Edwards is a Vietnam veteran who operates a small transportation company engaged in interstate commerce. Before moving to Colorado, Edwards managed the corporate logistics functions for a large manufacturing company. Utilizing training in Six Sigma methodology Edwards obtained “Green Belt” certification which he used to improve processes and reduce the cost for his organization. Edwards and his wife chose Colorado to be close to their children and grandchildren.

Persons interested in participating in the effort can call 720-746-9264 or visit the website,

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