Policy Overview

Proper size of the military:

The proper size of the military should always be based on the threat assessment made by the Department of Defense. The Guard and Reserves are essential to providing the flex capability to support decisions made by the Commander and Chief.

War Powers:

Our founding fathers knew from experience that war drains the economic resources of the nation and improvises its citizens. Endless wars such as we are now engaged in are a burden to the citizens. Without a commitment to win or to define success we should head wise counsel not to get involved in foreign entanglements.

Civil wars:

No matter how brutal and inhumane the slaughter of countries own citizens, we must not get involved in civil wars. There must be a side that wins and a side that loses. We should have learned from WW2 that an armistice will only breed the next war. North Korea is the next area where an armistice will fail.

The Middle East:

Israel is the only democracy in the region. As an ally, we must protect it from outside world domination. Additionally, the Scriptures instruct us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Countries who’s primary social and cultural norms are based on tribes should be left to determine their own structure of government.


It is wise and appropriate that the nation provide for its military veterans. The VA bureaucracy is out of control and will never be reformed. The VA should be dissolved. Fire all employees, sell all real estate and property. Take the current VA budget and put it in a fund called “Veterans Insurance Fund”. Give each honorably discharged Veteran a debit card that can be use at any hospital, doctor or pharmacy of his or her choice.

Despots, Tyrants and terrorists:

We must recognize that evil exists in the world. However, the U.S. is not the only country that nations should look to for their 911 solution. It is appropriate to provide training support to the side that has the best chance of eliminating the despots, tyrants and terrorists.

Job creation

Only the private sector creates wealth. Government jobs steal productive resources from citizens. A country will never conserve or tax itself to prosperity. For prosperity to exist the economy must produce goods and services that meet customers needs and desires. The economy must be free of government intervention in the form of unnecessary taxes and regulations.

Cut spending

Immediately reduce the Federal payroll by ten percent. Reduce the budget of each department by 2%. Pay contractors within 15 days of delivery of services or material. Eliminate illegal immigration. Require welfare recipients to be working at some type of job. Reduce Federal regulations by 20%. Eliminate foreign aid.

Tax Policy

I think Trump is correct in his cut on Corporate taxes and the rate to repatriate overseas earnings.


More issues will be posted. In the meantime, check out my blog for more information.

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