“M” Is for Mexico

So you are going to take a trip to Mexico. What are the two pieces of advice that friends who care about you will give? Be careful! Don’t drink the water.

Mexican Flag

Mexican Flag

For sixty years I have heard that you can’t drink the water in Mexico without getting sick. Sixty years… and it is still the case. Two years ago on a mission trip to Juarez Mexico, I worked on a team that assisted the local church in building homes for families in need (everyone is in need, these were the lucky people). We stayed in the Mission compound, and yes, they cautioned us not to drink the water, don’t even use the water on your toothbrush.

The people of Mexico are poverty-stricken, a condition that is held over from the el Conquistador of the Old World of Spain. If you live there, your town may have only one paved road; the rest is sand and gravel. You may be lucky to have a 12 X 50 rectangle of a house while your neighbor’s house is made of shipping pallets and tarps. You will have a black cistern for when the water truck stops by to fill it up. An outhouse usually accompanies each home. You can catch the bus into town where if you are lucky your job at the tire shop still exists. If you are fortunate enough to have some extra money left over you can deposit it at the bank, provided the local police don’t shake you down and accuse you some crime for which they are willing to overlook for payment. You may own your land, but the State owns all the rights.

It is understandable that this poverty-stricken population would desire to escape Mexico. It will always be the case.

Old World Spanish Warrior

Monument to Jaime el Conquistador in Jardines del Parterre in Valencia – Spain

For years and years we have heard about comprehensive immigration, “immigration policy is broken and must be fixed.” We have listened to it over and over and over.

If mere words written on paper were the answer, we would not have an illegal immigration issue. Even if the words, were powerful words, maybe event three syllable words, or words written by great legal minds, we would still have an immigration problem.

The U. S. Government will never be able to solve immigration because they can not correctly define the problem. The problem is not the impoverished population of Mexico who wants to escape. The problem is the corrupt MEXICAN GOVERNMENT!

The United States has attempted solutions. For the last 25 years, we have sent our wealth to Mexico in the form of trade deals such as NAFTA, only to see our prosperity weaken, and still, you can’t drink the water. Sending, even more, money and wealth will not solve the problem.

After good faith attempts have failed to help the Mexican Government and the population of Mexico, it is time to pursue an alternative solution.

“Build that wall!” A wall consisting of natural barriers, electronic barriers and yes, beautifully constructed physical barriers are needed to restrict the flow of illegal immigration.

Border Security Word Cloud

Border Security Word Cloud

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