Jason Crow: No Friend of Organized Labor

Jason Crow: No Friend of Organized Labor

I’ve noticed that Jason likes to tout his endorsements from organized labor. Do these endorsements from professional trade unions reflect the rank and file or is it more of the failed political calculus that keeps America from moving forward?

Take a look at Crow’s positions and imagine yourself as a dues-paying member of the local union.

Jason Crow supports illegal immigration. It is an economic fact that when you increase the supply of something the price goes down. When the government increases the supply of labor by not enforcing immigration law, you can expect to see slow or no wage growth. As a rank and file member of the local, this is not what you bargained for when you open the dues statement.

Illegal immigration steals the only productive resource an individual has, the right to sell his labor. Crow is ok with that.

Crow also has loudly trashed the tax cut bill. Of course, this is a predictable Democratic talking point of “tax cuts for the rich.” If you are the professional trade union boss is that how you see it? It is a widely acknowledged economic principle that if you want more economic activity, you reduce the tax rate, if you want less, you increase the tax rate. Reductions in the corporate tax rate will increase business expansion, spending on plant and equipment, increased job opportunities and wage growth.

For the professional trade union member, this means steady employment, the opportunity for increasing wages and satisfaction of providing an improved living standard for the family.

YES! That’s what we all want, except Jason Crow. Jason doesn’t like the tax bill. He wants more of the Obama economy for all constituents.

Political affiliation of members of professional trade unions, splits into thirds, much like the rest of the country. One-third Democratic, one-third un-affiliated, one-third Republican. Union leadership fails members when they choose to ally themselves with the Democratic Party exclusively.

Now that we know that Crow stands against blue-collar workers by opposing steady work, increasing wages and an improved standard of living, will the unions withdraw their endorsements?

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