Got Perversion?

Got Perversion?

You know that I oppose Mike Coffman. I also oppose Jason Crow, the Democratic candidate. Friends if you are an unaffiliated or Independent voter, please, please read through this. On October 4th, at 4:50 PM, Jason posted the following on his Facebook page. 

“Dismissing all the challenges our community and country are facing, Coffman & Washington Republicans vote to restrict a woman’s right to choose. In a Congress that does almost nothing, this is Mike Coffman’s priority and agenda? Wow, the rest of us here in CO need a change. As a member of Congress, I will fight to protect healthcare for all Coloradans, not work to limit it.”

Wow, so much BS, where do I start. Without having received a vote or cast a vote, Crow has sold out to Democratic leadership. He has sold out to the ideology/religion of abortion on demand that is a requirement of the Democratic Party if you want to run for National elected office. If Crow cannot stand up for principal now, he will not do it in the future. But wait, maybe he believes his statement.

Does he believe his children are a “choice”? A choice is, mashed potatoes or broccoli, coffee black or with cream and sugar, paper or plastic, these are choices. Not a single human life was extinguished making these choices. Abortion is a decision, life, and death decision! Of course, we know why the left uses, choice as a term. Choice, no big deal, we make choices each day, paper/plastic, fries/tater tots, eat here or to go. No matter what choice you make, including abortion, there will be a political party that celebrates, tells you how brave you are, holds you in high esteem. It takes a certain perverse intellectual dishonesty to think this way. 

Look at Crow’s website. What a beautiful family, a beautiful daughter, and a handsome son. I think I can say with certainty that he never, ever thinks of his children as a choice. I would suspect in his quiet thoughts, as he tucks them in at night, he believes, what a miracle, what a blessing from GOD that been has bestowed on my wife and I. Mom and I will love you and do everything in our power to provide you a safe and happy life. We will pray for you always.

Jason, isn’t there enough death in the world? Why should Colorado choose more?

And then we have Mike Coffman. I guess “No” votes in opposition to abortion is better than nothing. But what has Mike provided as a solution? All the hours in the “Tuesday Study Group” that was not spent developing a Repeal and Replacement plan, did you study abortion solutions?

I’m asking you to make a new choice, study, on where to place your precious vote. I ask for your support.


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