Got Questions?

Question not covered in the list…. send me an email or call.

1What happens to the donations if you decide there is no path forward?

The balance of contributions made, less expenses will be refunded to the contributor or a pro rata basis, provided we have the necessary address information.

2I would like you to speak to our group, how do we arrange that?

Call or email me with several date options and I will make it happen.

3Do you plan to petition on the ballot or go through assembly?

My plan is to go through assembly. To get on the ballot a candidate need 30% or more. Any candidate who receives less than 30% but more than 10% can use the petition process. Petition process requires 1000 valid signatures.

4Do you really think you have a chance?

As long as there are politicians, there will be a need for honest representation. That is what I plan to deliver to the constituents of the 6 CD.

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