In 2018 the election process in Colorado will be very different. Now, registered voters who do not register with a party, such as Democratic or Republican Parties will be allowed for the first time to cast a ballot in the primary election. The impact of which is unknown.

Why has the process changed? In 2016, voters approved amendments to the Colorado Constitution. The Constitutional change did not do away with the caucus system. Colorado is still a caucus State. There are two paths for a candidate to get on the primary ballot. A candidate can petition on to the ballot by gathering the required number of signatures. Or a candidate can access the ballot through the caucus/assembly process.

The caucus/assembly process is the essence of representative government. Voters are assigned a voting precinct based on their address. On the specified date, registered political party voters of each precinct gather together and discuss candidates and other matters of political importance. At the end of the meeting, the precinct committee person will call for an election of delegates and alternates to be representatives at the county assembly.

At the county assembly, delegates elected from the various precincts choose delegates to the Congressional District and State Assembly.

Your voice in this choice is so very important. It is here that you can do “whats always been done” and choose the incumbent. Or you can “Make A Better Choice” for Colorado, support Roger Edwards for Congress.

Much is a stake for 2018. The Democratic Party has been taken over by extreme elements who champion socialistic policies that threaten themselves and the whole of the United States. No longer will the fruits of your labor be your own, it will all belong to the Government to be re-distributed by faceless, unelected bureaucrats based on a utopian concept of fairness.

Two thousand eighteen is no time to back away from the fight, moderate, calculate or give in to critics who do not share our values. Join the effort and bring conservative representation back to Colorado 6th District!



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