“C” Is for Climate

“C” Is for Climate

If you use the term “climate change,” you have bought into a tactic of the left to confuse our language. The words are specifically designed to make you think that the earth’s climate is subject to change. It is not.

The climate, as we know it, is subject to variation, not change. Whether the temperature goes up or down, it is variation. But “Change” sounds much more alarming or ominous. Variation is inherent in every process including climate.

The two types of variation are

Common Cause and Special Cause. Example of a special cause of variation would be the earth’s magnetic poles switch, or a supervolcano erupted, or an asteroid struck the earth.

Common cause variation or random variation occurs in every process. Temperature changes, cloud cover, ocean temperatures, El Nino, La Nina, ice packs, cycles of the sun, air pollution, these are examples of common cause of variation.

Should we be good stewards of our environment, of course! Should we encumber or diminish our economic prosperity, NO! Only by expanding our level of output and understanding will we solve the complex issues we will face in the future.

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