Career Politicians Have A Tight Grip Over the Republican Party

Can the Establishment Advance Voter’s Views?

Republicans maintain a majority control in the House of Representatives and the Senate. On items voters care about, the Establishment is unable to push the agenda that propelled Donald Trump into the White House.

  • Repeal and Replace Obamacare

  • Tax Reform (a hard-fought battle finally won by POTUS)

  • Build a Border Wall

  • Immigration Reform

Fort Logan National Cemetery

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What Conservatives, disaffected Republicans, and Independents are saying.

  • Mike Coffman, you have stayed too long.

    Roger Edwards
    Candidate for CD-6
  • Time to step down Coffman. You have not earned another term!

    Charlene Hardcastle
  • Mike Coffman never fails to disappoint.

    Thomas ``Tom`` Tancredo
    Former Colorado CD-6

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Roger Edwards

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